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CLASSROOM                                          SITE(m2)                                               CAPACITY

  1. Block A (Vocational School of Justice)         

Class (35 People-13 Total )                                                                                                455        

Class (50 People-3 Total)                                                                                                   150

Class (55 People-1 Total)                                                                                                    55       

Class (75 People-1 Total)                                                                                                    75


                                                                                                                                                 Total: 735

  1. Block B (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences)

Class (35 People-14 Total)                                                                                                490        

Class (50 People-3 Total)                                                                                                     150

Class (55 People-1 Total)                                                                                           55    

                                                                          Total: 695

  1. Block C (Faculty of Arts and Sciences – Faculty of Health Sciences)

Class (35 People-8 Total)                                                                                                   280       

Class (50 People-3 Total)                                                                                                    15

Class (55 People-1 Total)                                                                                                     55



  1. Block D (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)

Class (50 People-5 Total)                                                                                                   250



  1. Block E (Lecture Hall)

Class (110 People-3 Total)                                                                                                 330        

Class (120 People-2 Total)                                                                                                  240

Class (121 People-3 Total)                                                                                                  363

Class (192 People-1 Total)                                                                                                192


Total: 1.125

  1. F Blok (Lecture Hall)

Class (144 People-4 Total)                                                                                                   576

                           Total: 576

  1. Outbuilding (Preparatory School)

Class (40 Total)                                                                                                                    900


                                                Grand Total:4.766


Departments within the Faculty (Bachelor’s Degree):




Departments within the Faculty (Master’s Degree):

Geography: Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

Sociology: Sociology Master’s Degree Programme


Application Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree: To get enough points from university entrance exam doing by OSYM

Application Requirements for Master’s Degree Programme: To provide minimum application requirements determined by University of Bakırçay Institute of Social Sciences.


Our faculty is based on a multi-dimensional and holistic research approach rather than a single research area. In this context, the interdisciplinary approach has been brought to the fore due to the wide area of intersection of the existing sections. It is foreseen that this will make significant contributions to understanding the whole, gaining depth in the whole, creative and critical thinking, increasing the accumulation of knowledge and transforming the knowledge produced in this way into benefit at national and international level.

The primary focus of our faculty is “Human, Community and Environmental Health” and Risk Management. Management of risks in human, community and environmental health is the theme of research and practice that intersects geography, psychology and sociology departments. However, the planned Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Application Center "and the Data Analytics and Spatial Data Modeling Center, which will be established, will be the key to the production of scientific knowledge that has an impact on these areas through research. These centers provide the opportunity to work with decision makers in the thematic area of our faculty, human, community and environmental health and risk management. It is planned to disseminate the studies in our department and research centers by using tools such as media in order to have an impact on scientific knowledge and practices.

Supporting applied and business-partnership-based research and multidisciplinary researches related human, social, and environmental health and risk management are important to Turkey. Our faculty also has aims and objectives related to the implementation of applied research and the transformation of research results into social benefit in strengthening the social sciences.

Risk management studies include the careful and detailed identification and evaluation of risks that may arise in human, society and environment, and taking measures to minimize or eliminate these risks. These are the factors that endanger human mental health, the factors that threaten the society and the environment, the factors that endanger the sustainability. Within the scope of “Self-Sufficient University” our strategic plan is to be “Self-Sufficient Faculty”.