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Mission: Our faculty will educate its students on how to capture and develop current technology in social areas; emphasize the ability to integrate and apply the principles of social sciences to answer questions in basic research and solve world problems; improve scientific research and scientific knowledge and contribute to the researches that will benefit the society. In this context, the mission of our faculty is to be a leading faculty in the fields of education, training, research and application with its innovative staff that can direct the planning and design disciplines at all scales, compete nationally and internationally.


  • Providing a collective, flexible and pluralistic intellectual environment to its employees and students, which encourages creativity, provides freedom of thought and expression,
  • To educate graduates with professional ethics and proficiency,
  • To educate entrepreneurial and innovative graduates,
  • To train graduates with highly developed analytical, linguistic, critical and creative skills for leadership and success in their professional and vital studies,
  • To provide lifelong learning opportunities for academics and students in a comprehensive humanistic and liberal research environment and its immediate environment,
  • To conduct innovative, high-impact and pioneering research among social sciences and other disciplines,
  • To actively cooperate with international, national and local partners from various disciplines and different segments of society,
  • By consulting, extending services to users or undertaking operational projects as a service provider,
  • To undertake research-development projects and to organize workshops and seminars,
  • To contribute to the education and training of experts; other disciplines, natural resources and environment, public affairs and so on. to increase the capacity of other public institutions and organizations in the fields,
  • It is committed to improving public relations efforts in order to strengthen the image and reputation of academic quality.