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Persevering, Critical, Coordinated, Peaceful, Curious, Motivated…

If any of these features you like and desire; then the experience of our Faculty of Arts and Sciences is designed for you. Beyond the core curriculum of the departments, students who choose our faculty as their academic home will find the widest range of academic disciplines offered by the university. Students can participate in courses in any of our 3 academic departments.

Our faculty is a place where you can reach two important goals. The first goal is to gain knowledge and skills to become an independent adult. You will be equipped with professional qualifications by doing this with the program selections of our faculty. But your second goal should be preparing for the future, which is even more important. Our faculty will help you for a quality adult life. With a range of courses, you can learn skills and attitudes that can help you make a positive impact on the world. In our faculty, you will be equipped with geography, psychology and sociology, as well as skills to help you become a responsible parent, spouse, friend and citizen. It is not important where the career choices of our students will lead in our faculty. We will train our students to become great thinkers, great writers, confident speakers and powerful researchers. Our University and Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be a place of discovery for people who will lead change in the world such as poets, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars or statesmen. This is our most important source of motivation and will be our legacy. Bringing the best and brightest young academics to our faculty and helping them develop; it is the assurance that we have this claim.

Thanks to the academic committee of our faculty, the education in our departments will help you to become a communication expert, a careful thinker, a concerned individual and individuals who build healthy, interpersonal relationships that cross cultural boundaries. This aspect of your training will help you to ask questions and explore yourself in areas you have never thought of before. We will not be able to allow our students to move away from their ability to have a diploma in their chosen programs.

Here you can follow your curiosity to discover new things, meet new ideas and ideas and discover your own talents. Here you will have the opportunity to enrich your intellectual side and activate your mental potential. Here, you can have a critical understanding of the universe, society, and ways of acquiring knowledge of your environment. Here you have the adventure of building relationships with other international people and you can be aware of the developments in the world. Here, with the help of a compassionate faculty, you can have the opportunity to clarify and place your own values and principles. Few campuses provide an environment conducive to 'harmonious development of the physical, mental and spiritual forces of education'. Catch the day, take the opportunity to prepare well for the 21st century and be a part of University of Bakırçay and Faculty of Arts and Sciences. If you join our family, you will meet wise counselors, loyal friends and a lifelong community.

Our commitment is to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty through research and other experiential learning scenarios. As a result, we aim to ensure that our students are highly regarded as desirable candidates in different public institutions and organizations as high-level graduate graduates.


The education of our Faculty of Science and Letters focuses on six basic skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Critical inquiry
  • Reasoning
  • Freethinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Healthy Communication

These skills are important skills for all employers and are vital to the career of the 21st century. You will rely on these skills throughout your life and you will find environments in our faculty to develop those skills. All of our students will graduate from a broad education in writing, speaking, critical thinking and research, and will be equipped with the skills that today's employers want from prospective employees.

Just like Martin Luther King, you must start by saying ‘I have a dream’. Please dream and follow your dreams here with us.