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3 books of our Head of Sociology Department Prof. Dr. Sezgin Kızılçelik were published.

Head of Sociology Department Prof. Sezgin Kızılçelik contributed to the field with 3 more books. Professor addressing important issues in the field of sociology. Brief information about Prof. Sezgin Kızılçelik's books is as following:

Kızılçelik brings together for the first time in Turkey the structural theory of Lévi Strauss who is one of the key theorists of contemporary social theorists, Braudel's theory of civilization, Wallerstein's world-system theory, Marcuse's theory of one-dimensional society, Lyotard's  postmodern theory and Baudrillard's simulation theory in his book Contemporary Social Theorists 2: In his work named Lévi Strauss, Braudel, Wallerstein, Marcuse, Lyotard and Baudrillard's Social Theories as a result of a detailed review.

Kızılçelik, examines the intellectual portraits, methodologies, social theories of Saint-Simon, Comte, Spencer, Le Play and Tocqueville the key sociologists of sociology history and their effects on sociological thought in details in his book titled Sociology History 3: Saint-Simon, Comte, Spencer, Le Play and Social Theories of Tocqueville (Extended 2nd Edition).

In his work titled Indigenous Sociology: Outlines of the East-West Conflict Theory (Extended 2nd Edition) Kızılçelik offers a comprehensive discussion on the theory of East-West conflict which is builded by Kemal Tahir and Baykan Sezer and developed by  is Ertan Eğribel, H. Bayram Kaçmazoğlu, Ufuk Özcan and Sezgin Kızılçelik as the indigenous word of Turkish sociology.